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Daniel Polachek, CPA, CFP®
Tax & Financial Planning - Our Family Working For You
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Northampton CPA Daniel W. Polachek started in Northampton, Massachusetts with a very simple purpose: to help clients achieve their financial goals. So, it’s only natural for the firm to expand its level of financial service and accounting to all aspects of financial health.

With years of experience working with our western Massachusetts clients, we’ve decided to use our expertise and our relationship with Avantax to provide the services of a Financial Services Coordinator. We serve clients in Franklin, Hampshire, Hamden, Berkshire and Hampshire Counties. We are a local accounting and financial services firm

And, what is a Financial Services Coordinator?

Have you ever seen all the people responsible for your financial health in the same room at the same time? Chances are, even if you could get all these people in one place at one time, there would be no guarantee that any of them would have knowledge of how one field relates to another. When it comes down to the specifics, decision making can be confusing and take time. When you choose a Northampton accounting and financial services firm like Daniel W. Polachek the specifics are much more clear.

Coordinating, explaining and providing answers to your questions is what Dan Polachek does. He uses a truly tax-optimized approach to wealth management. As a Northampton Financial Services Coordinator, experience, knowledge and resources allow Dan to blend relationships with providers of all aspects of your financial life. That’s what makes this service unique. How does your life insurance relate to your IRA? Can you benefit from combining companies for various financial services? And the ultimate question that often requires the expertise of many: What could possibly happen??

Dan uses the vast resources of Avantax to explore all the options available to you so he can help answer those questions in a timely manner. Need more information? Check out our new financial services pages. Dan is confident he’ll be able to help you, Dan is not only confident but happy to see you succeed no matter where you decide to go. And because our location is close to you in Northampton, personal accounting and financial services consultations can be done in person.

Securities offered through Avantax Member FINRA, SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through Avantax. We currently have individuals licensed to offer securities in the states of MA, CA, DC, FL, GA, MD, NY, NC, PA, VT and VA. This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state or jurisdiction.

And if you just need the services of a Northampton accountant, our company size allows us to continue to give our clients in Hamden, Hampshire, Berkshire and Franklin counties the personal attention required to keep your finances working. Feel free to use any of the tools available on this web site and if you need further assistance, email or call for your appointment.
Our areas include a full financial services menu:

  • Investments and Financial Planning?
  • Insurance: Life, Disability, Long-term Care
  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Estate planning and preparations?
  • Business valuations for estate, divorce, purchase and sales?
  • Payroll preparation and reporting?
  • Accounting?
  • Business planning and management
  • Education: 529 Plans?
  • Business strategic planning?
  • Retirement: IRA, SEP, 401(k), and more

If you have questions, our Northampton-based tax accountants and financial professionals can help. A simple phone call usually gets the answers you are looking for.

Download the following White Papers for more specific information:

Asset Allocation White Paper

IMS Due Diligence Site Paper

Our Beliefs About Investing

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